Business Development Specialist

Mr. Katan is a self-employed successful and real estate developer. The Katan Organization, founded by Isaac Katan in 1986, is an international business and real estate enterprise with an emphasis on developing large-scale real estate projects. Mr.Katan’s experience, now spanning decades, covers a wide array of real estate and business activities dealing with every stage of the deal – from urban planning, deal structuring, complex extensive zoning change, negotiation, and development. Past real estate developments have created thousands of residential and commercial units in the New York metropolitan area.

Mr. Katan’s ability to work effectively with neighborhood-based associations as well as city organizations in order to understand and meet the needs of specific localities. In the aggregate, Mr. Katan has demonstrated a far-reaching insight and pioneering approach in all his endeavors resulting in opportunistic returns and a string of successful projects in some of the most competitive markets in the country. 

Mr. Katan will introduce Aquaox to his existing relationships and help to develop Aquaox business globally.