Mr. van Schaik is the President / CEO of AQUAOX™, LLC and CEO of its affiliate company, Greenspeed USA. Mr. van Schaik is a pioneer in Electrochemical Activated (ECA) Water technology. Educated and obtaining a degree in business administration at HEAO, Arnhem, Netherlands in 1994, Mr. Van Schaik developed his skills and expertise in ECA technology in Europe before moving to the US 2006.

He is considered the foremost expert and business leader in the development and use of ECA technology for green environmental cleaning and disinfection in field of health care. Mr. van Schaik is the founding member and CEO of AQUAOX™ LLC which is the country’s leading developer of patent-pending equipment for the production of Hypochlorouos Acid and Greenspeed™ USA, LLC which designs and develops proprietary equipment and systems to apply and use Hypochlorouos Acid solutions.

These solutions have been identified by the Center of Disease Control to be one of the most powerful, effective, safe and sustainable disinfectants known to mankind. Mr. van Schaiks solutions are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), eliminate all known super bugs, bacteria, viruses and fungi within seconds and are significant components of his highly recognized, proprietary infection control system.

Through the use of these products and developed protocols, he has dramatically reduced hospital acquired infections at numerous hospitals and set new standards in environmental services. He has developed proprietary electrolytic cells and computerized ECA Water generators for on–site production. These certified generators and solutions are currently in use at several locations throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Japan.