ESS E-UV Electrostatic + UV Handsprayer


Introducing the revolutionary, one of a kind, dual function electrostatic and UV disinfection cordless sprayer. This small, compact, handheld sprayer is ideal for both disinfection and epidemic prevention, and combines high intelligence and automation technology.

  • Revolutionary dual function technology combines both electrostatic and UV disinfection
  • Great choice for disinfecting compact areas
  • World-leading electrostatic technology; 360° wrap-around & coverage for complete disinfection
  • Double wind tunnel design with international patent
  • Spray 6 feet or more with high efficiency
  • Handheld design with flexibility
  • Operates with only 25% of conventional sprayer voltage; operational safety guaranteed; quick-disconnect design for easy installation; & replaceable pocket battery



  • Bottle Volume 700ml (24 ounces)
  • Dimensions 15” x 4” x 11”
  • Liquid Flow Rate 80-120 ml/min (2.7-4.1oz/min)
  • Weight 4.5 lbs (battery included, liquid excluded)
  • Battery Type 24V Lithium Battery
  • Battery Run Time 90 minutes
  • Droplet Size 30-70 micron
  • Spray Range > 6 Feet

Additional information

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions15 × 4 × 11 in
No manuals available for this product